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Ski-Polemaster (SPM) Clubs

Mountain Daily News & Alerts (MDNA)

Designed for resort guests and their Smart phones, this SMS subscription is opt-in via a Quick Response (QR) code available at each resort. The code can be found on the PoleMaster devices while riding the lift, and on informational posters and placards around the resort.

When a guest subscribes, they select the number of days they would like to be on the list. We presume they will sign up for the duration of their stay, but they can choose from one day up to two weeks to remain on the list.

At the end of their selected timeframe, the guest is automatically unsubscribed.

Authorized personnel at the resort can send text messages with short-term context:

  1. Lost skier search
  2. Lift, trail, and piste info
  3. Incoming weather 
  4. Special events that day on the mountain

SPM Club Gold

The Gold Club is a long-term subscription maintained by Ski-PoleMaster.

When a guest joins the Gold Club, they become part of the SPM family of skiers, boarders, and other winter sports enthusiasts. Message frequency varies, but averages 2-3 times per month.

SPM Gold members get free access to:

  1. Discounts and Special offers from select vendors
  2. Discount passes and coupons from their “home” resort
  3. The SPM Gold online gear and accessory store discounts

Join SPM Gold Club

SPM Club Elite

The SPM Elite Club is a long-term membership and marketing cooperation between select resorts and Ski-PoleMaster. 

Membership is free, but application must be made. Each participating resort has its own guidelines for Elite membership.

Elite members get access to

  1. Resort co-branded, one-of-a kind gear
  2. Deeper discounts and vacation packages
  3. More coming soon!

Three ways to communicate:


Mountain Daily News & Alerts

Short-Term SMS Subscription

The guest scans a QR code on the PoleMaster to subscribe for the number of days they choose.

We have three different communication program strategies organized into what we call “Clubs”.

SPM Club Gold

Special Deals and Access to Events at Your Favorite Resorts

Long-Term opt-in through Ski-PoleMaster

Join the Gold Club, and tell us which resorts are your favorites...

Gold Club members identify their “Favorite” resorts to receive special offers of interest, discounts, etc.

SPM Club Elite

Co-branded With Your Home Resort

Long-Term Special Access

Each resort has it's own guidelines for membership...ask us for more information on applying.

SPM Elite members are affiliated with their “Home” resort.