Overview: The Ski-PoleMaster System

where we began

“It was a dark and stormy night…”, well almost. Full disclosure, it was daytime but the weather was pretty nasty.

The inspiration for the PoleMaster came as one of the inventors was riding a lift behind a mother and her young son in the chair ahead. A gust of wind rocked the chair (as it often does), and the boy lost control of the poles in his lap. 

He reached for them as they fell, and nearly fell from the chair… Mom’s quick reflexes caught him by his coat and pulled him back.

"If only there was a place to put your poles"

from inspiration to perspiration

Not to bore you with years of details, but suffice to say that there were many nights spent in the inventor’s garage “playing” with moulds, resins, chemicals, pigments, paints, and fire extinguishers (no permanent damage, thanks for asking).

Clamps, counterweights (the first models were pretty heavy), mounting mechanisms, and LOTS of ski resort visiting and usability testing.

Today, we’re on version 5 of the PoleMaster, and have built an entire marketing and communications system surrounding it.

"Make Safety & Convenience easy, transparent, and profitable"

Miles travelled
resorts visits & tests
polemaster iterations


The core of the Ski-PoleMaster system is the PoleMaster, a ski-pole holder that attaches to the lift chair/bar.

Resorts lease the PoleMaster devices, and we install and maintain them.


Advertising and/or sponsorship revenue is shared with the partner resort.

20% to start, and up to 50% depending on the resort’s Marketing department sharing the workload.


Short-term alerts and information while guests are on the mountain, contact from SPM to the resorts, and from the resorts to SPM.

Many methods, one goal: keep guests safe, informed, and engaged

Here's how it works

step by step

Information Request

Compact Contact


SPM gets all of your lift information for PoleMaster population, your branding & marketing programs and goals, and the broad strokes of how we can best work the marketing together.


SPM works with the resort, non-profit organizations, and advertisers to craft the best approach to messaging. Program guidelines and revenue projections are crafted, and device production is scheduled.


Next, we sort through the technology of SMS messaging your guests on the mountain, and set up all of the administrative web portals, smartphone apps, and software training.


The installation is scheduled, and our crews arrive to put the PoleMasters on the lift. Final testing of all the communications mechanisms, and set up our maintenance schedule.

About Us

Ski-PoleMaster is an Arizona-based company (weird to think of snow in the desert, right?) with a passion for improving life and business for everyone. Transparently and honestly, we do what we say we will.

Safety & Convenience don’t have to be in conflict with profit.

“We’re Changing the Way You Ride Lifts”

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