Safety & Convenience Go Hand-in-Hand

When people get told to "be safe", they seem to hear "follow the rules", which creates conflict. The PoleMaster makes safety easy and new rules.

I have a question...

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it all starts with attitude

Tell me people don't reach out a foot because they like that "harmless naughty" feeling...


We are not even really sure what this scared and paranoid?

OK, death is pretty serious...don't go in there!


There is so much “noise” in the world with an announcement, direction, suggestion, demand, or rule to follow hitting you in the face every few seconds — when a person feels (perhaps naively) that there are no consequences to disobeying, they just don’t comply. 

Not pulling down the safety bar on a ski lift is like that — you can’t force a rider to put it down, and they “don’t really need it”.

The trick getting people to do the right thing is not to tell them to do it, but to make them “want” to… the PoleMaster device, because of it’s huge convenience boost of giving a place to put your ski poles (or drink, or phone, or whatever) really encourages the use of the restraining bar.




"It's a like a seat belt for your lift chair..."

No, thanks...

The Safety Bar Paradox

LESS THAN 50% of lift riders lower the safety (restraining) bar, even though there are signs, warnings, lift attendant reminders, wisdom, and common sense nagging for your attention to pull it down.

The Problem With Poles

What to do with them?

  • Some websites suggest putting your ski poles in one hand "so they don't get tangled"... [still ties up one of your hands]
  • You can sit on your ski poles [(ouch)… and, clumsy when trying to exit a moving lift chair]
  • Put your ski poles in your lap [chance to drop: very high]
  • Put your ski poles in a PoleMaster [finally, a good answer!]

"Just tuck them under your leg...yeah, sit on them..."


Let's Get Real

Statistically, dropping your ski poles is not a matter of life and death, but...

Injuries are common in snow sports.Let's not make it worse by dropping obstacles on the piste (or, out of bounds) and then having to retrieve them.

About Us

Ski-PoleMaster is an Arizona-based company (weird to think of snow in the desert, right?) with a passion for improving life and business for everyone. Transparently and honestly, we do what we say we will.

Safety & Convenience don’t have to be in conflict with profit.

“We’re Changing the Way You Ride Lifts”

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