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The Ski-PoleMaster System brings significant opportunity and revenue in addition to revolutionary safety & convenience for snow sports enthusiasts

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SPM Advantage

Ski-PoleMaster works with advertisers to design labels that affix to the PoleMaster device.

Revenue from the sale of the advertising space is shared with the resort beginning at 20%.

The revenue share percentage can be as high as 50%, depending on the amount of work that a resort's Marketing department can perform.


Ski-PoleMaster works with non-profit organizations to arrange sponsorship opportunities for donors.

A portion of their donation covers the cost of the PoleMaster device, installation, and maintenance.

A portion of the donation is given to the resort for their participation.

Approximately 70% of the donation stays with the non-profit organization.

Hybrid Solutions

The ADVantage program (advertising) and DedicationLift (sponsorship) programs can be mixed-and-matched at the resort.

SPM Advantage

Ski-PoleMaster works with you to design labels that affix to the PoleMaster device.

On larger resorts with multiple lifts, ad rates are adjusted according to ride times and chair capacity: shorter lifts with fewer seat positions are less expensive.

Upper label positions on the PoleMaster are angled towards the riders, so are perfect for scannable coupons.

Unique Opportunity

There are no options for advertising to lift riders other than on the PoleMaster device.

In addition to the impressions of the PoleMaster labels, posters and placards in lodges and other high-traffic areas display business-card-sized duplicates of ads running on the lifts.

A/B Testing

Beyond the standard label packages, we also offer expanded A/B testing and multiple-period label changes.

Answers to common revenue questions


For Resorts

For Advertisers

Here is a way to think about the revenue possibilities:

  • How many seat positions are available (1 PoleMaster at each position with 4 labels each for ads)
  • If you have multiple lifts with very different ride times, the longer lifts will be worth more
  • Your resort demographics (the the number and spending profile of your visitors) influences how much advertisers will spend
  • Sample equation:

You have 100, 4-seat chairs on a lift [400 PoleMasters], so, there are 1600 labels. If each label brings in $10 profit per season, that’s a total of $16000. At the minimum level of 20% revenue share, the resort would make $3200 on that lift.

The PoleMaster devices, their installation, and maintenance program are supplemented by a modest leasing fee.

Ski-PoleMaster manufactures, installs, and maintains the devices and their labels. 

The average lease cost for a PoleMaster is $3 per season. With 100% saturation of advertisements, the resort shows a profit in the first season.

At a minimum, none…all you have to do is open the gate :).

If your marketing department can help with the advertising workload, your profit sharing percentage goes up (to a maximum of 50%) beyond the minimum 20%.

Also, we do leave a few extra PoleMasters onsite, and train your crews how to install properly in the case of a single device needing replacement. Otherwise, at least once per year we will be back to refresh/repair any PoleMasters.

Ordinarily, there are some additional account and site setup fees, but we are waving them for the time being due to COVID. All of those administrative fees are waived for the 2021-2022 ski season, and may be extended.

If your resort would like to put ads on the PoleMasters to promote your facility services or have coupons for your dining and other shops (just a few examples), then setup fees for your labels and offer tracking will still apply.

  1. Some resorts have existing agreements with vendors that we must respect. If a mountain uses “PEPSI”, for example, we might not be able to place an ad for “COCA-COLA”.
  2. We limit competitive advertisements on the same chair, so some vendors may run into quantity restrictions.
  3. Lifts with longer ride times, particularly on resorts with multiple lifts, have higher impression costs than shorter lifts with less “eye-time”.
  4. The vendor is responsible for maintaining the target of any scannable code offer. If SPM is to maintain/modify the target offer periodically, that can be arranged for an additional fee.
  5. A/B testing and more frequent label change periods (default is 1 label design per label per season) are available for additional fees.

CPMs are ranked by resort regional demographics, thus varying from resort to resort. The number of lifts (and their ride time) at the resort are also factored.

Usually, CPMs for the PoleMaster advertisements are somewhere around the median between magazine and online advertisements for that region and its visitor demographic.

Packages also vary in price depending on volume, multiple region distributions, and discounts for participating in the SPM Gold and Elite Club programs.


Advertisers are also invited to engage with our SPM club members.

The SPM GOLD club consists of members of our Ski-PoleMaster community who have declared their favorite resorts, and want to receive offers from our select vendors.

The SPM ELITE club consists of members of resort marketing lists/groups that want to receive offers sponsored by the resort and Ski-PoleMaster from our select vendors.